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10 reasons why you should choose Sorrento as your holiday destination

1. Kindness and hospitality are the watchwords for welcoming people to our town. Those who work in the hotels, bars, restaurants and shops, but also the citizens of Sorrento, are smiling and helpful towards tourists visiting from all over the world. Hospitality matured through hundreds of years of popularity;

2. The tranquillity of our characteristic streets and alleyways. Strolling along the main street or through the picturesque alleyways of the historic centre dating back to the Roman era is life-affirming and gives a different flavour to a holiday;

3. The history, art and culture of a very ancient city that has preserved the best of the various eras over time and has made the most of them to enhance its heritage: from the Etruscans to the Greeks, passing through the Aragonese to the 19th century Grand Tour, each event has left its mark on the city, leaving much to be discovered;

4. The extraordinary landscape that you can enjoy as soon as you arrive in the Sorrento Peninsula leaves you breathless. An extraordinary masterpiece of nature that can be admired from all over the city and from the most unseen and hidden corners;

5. The extraordinary goodness of Sorrentine cuisine made from the quality of its typical products. Pizza, gnocchi alla sorrentina, ice cream and lemon delight will surprise every palate;

6. Shopping in the historic shops that leave memories worth a trip: inlaid boxes, lace and embroidery, limoncello... Whatever you decide to take home will make the recipient happy;

7. The city's marinas, Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, are two seaside villages where you can spend carefree hours relaxing in typical bars and restaurants and let time pass slowly;

8. Go out in the evening and enjoy an aperitif in Piazza Tasso, have dinner in one of the many excellent restaurants in the city and stroll amiably through the city streets;

9. Go out on a boat and enjoy the coastline from the sea for a unique and unforgettable experience;

10. All the other beautiful places you can visit from here: Capri, Naples, Pompeii, Positano, Amalfi and many others. Staying in Sorrento allows you to organise day trips to the other pearls of Campania.

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